Bozekennels Females
Here at Bozekennels each one of our females/mothers are wonderful, they have their litters here in our living room so we can watch and make sure everything goes well. All the Mothers are so good with caring for their babies, they dont mind when the joe or I or the kids handle their babies and they are so proud of their litters , as we are too! We currently have two litters on the ground, atlantis mated with Apollo and had Six pups and Acea mated with Archimedes and had Five pups, you will be able to see these on the puppies page.
  1. Acea
    Acea is a All blue female, her Half brother is Apollo, they share the same father Bussa. her bloodlines are Gotti, greyline and iron cross
  2. Atilla
    Atilla, Blue Brindle, she is 100% Razoredge
  3. Astonia
    Astonia is very special to us because she is very much a Bozekennel Female, she has Ajax as a grandfather, Apollo as a Father, Bridget(female out of Ajax and Athena) is her mother and Atilla is her Grandmother!
  4. Atlantis
    Atlantis is a Blue Tri, her bloodlines are, her mother is 100% gotti and her father is 100% Razorsedge