Bozekennel Males
 Apollo is a Bozekennel Male, Bloodlines are Razorsedge from his mother Atilla(bozekennel female) and she is 100% razorsedge and his father is Bussa and he was Greyline and Ironcross Bloodlines. Apollo has just had a Litter with atlantis....if interested in any of her pups please feel free to contact us.
  1. Apollo
    Blue male: Bloodlines are greyline, iron cross on his fathers side and mother is Atilla(Bozekennel Female) and she is 100% Razorsedge
  2. Apollo
  3. Apollo
  4. Apollo
Abacus is the Son of Bozekennels Archimedes. He is a Blue Brindle. He is the Grandson to Ajax(Bozekennel male R.I.P.) and Atilla(bozekennel female), his bloodlines are Watchdog and Razorsedge
Artimes is a blue with white markings Bozekennel male. His bloodlines are Bumpyline and Razorsedge
Archimedes is a Blue Bozekennel Male, he is the brother to Artemis. his bloodlines are Bumpyline and Razorsedge, he just sired a litter with Acea( Bozekennel Female) , pups are one week old.